5 Best Grammarly Alternatives 2019 Edition.

World’s population nearly 7.5 billion in that 1.5 billion speak English that’s around 20% of the world’s population. Most people in the world who speak English as a second language. Nearly 300 million people speak English as a first language.

Day by day English become a popular language, But many people struggling to speak or write English. Simple solution for you to write English error-free is an online grammar check.

No doubt Grammarly is the best Grammar checker tool in the market with advanced functionalities. Grammarly using advanced AI Algorithm to handle grammatical errors, punctuation and spelling mistakes. It is the best writing and editing tool so for & It can easily detect duplicate content by its plagiarism service but its premium service.

If in case, you just need a Grammarly alternative for English writing assistant. There are lots of English writing tools available on the internet some of them free and some premium, I will suggest you to the best online grammar check tools. Here I have shared a list of 5 best Grammarly alternatives you should definitely crack your spelling and grammar errors.

Free Grammarly alternatives:

  1. Grammarcheck.net:

Grammar checker is one of the best alternatives to Grammarly that currently available in the market, Here you can check spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, typographical errors, writing style error, punctuation errors and more.

It is an absolutely free website. Here you can find your mistakes just in one click. It supports more than 28 different languages. This is a very fast and secure website. It scans your document then highlights the errors such as bad grammar, spelling mistakes and more. It suggests you multiple grammar words to resolve errors. The interface is very smooth and easy to use everyone.

It completely free no registration required. It supports 28 different languages grammar check.

2. Jetpack.com: 

Jetpack (Free and Premium) is the popular WordPress plugin. This plugin can help you to identify Grammars problem. If you are a beginner at writing you must need one English grammar online assistant. Jetpack is a complete package of checking English grammar mistake. Spelling is indicated with red colour and grammar suggestions are marked green.

Pricing of jetpack:

Jetpack offers you free and paid. For paid they offer three different subscription plans they are Personal, Premium and Professional. Pricing is very according to the plan check here for more.

3. Prowritingaid.com: 

Prowritingaid (Free and Premium) is one of the cheapest Grammarly alternatives. It covers contextual spelling, grammar and punctuation checking. It gives us Free and paid tools options. Prowritingaid is the collection of complete English editing tools package. It also generates contextual glossary report and visualizes the sentence lengths and variation.

ProWritingAid Grammarly Alternative

Pricing of Prowritingaid:

It offers a free trial and paid service. The pricing for a premium account ranges between $50 (for a yearly subscription) and $175 (for lifetime access) & Click here for more.

4. Hemingway Editor:

Hemingway (Free and Premium) is the best online editor where it allows checking how readable your article is and enhance the readability of your post. This is the simple processor specially designed for the writers. Whether you are a student or in a writer if you write wrong English no one will consider your content.

Hemingway is available online and also you can download the desktop version. It allows us to write the content in an easy way The Hemingway provides useful features which facilitate font styles. Hemingway provides a way of highlighting problems in colour codes where you can identify the writing mistakes.

Pricing of Hemingway:

It is free and paid service but free features with some limitations. It charges you a fee of $19.99 to download the app for paid & click here for more.

5. WhiteSmoke: 

Writing (Free and Premium) is the most powerful way of communication, whether you are a college graduate or student or professional writer your writing is the key to effective communication. Even professional writers make mistake. In this case, bloggers using the writing assistant. WhiteSmoke is a powerful writing assistant.

It is using the artificial intelligence algorithm to recognize grammar and spelling errors. Here you will get everything to write effective English. Its also provides translation features with over 40+ languages. WhiteSmoke is available in desktop as well as mobile devices.


Pricing of Whitesmoke:

It gives you 4 days free trial then after it charges from $9.99 (for yearly payment) to $24.99 (for a monthly payment) Click here for more.

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