Free Educational Websites.

Free Educational Websites

Free Educational Websites For Students:

Education means acquiring knowledge and skill. Education teaches us how to become a gentleman. It brings a permanent change in a life & only acquiring knowledge is not an perfect education we should implement it in our life. Once we start implementing it then it is a real education.

The education system is changing because of huge improvement in technology. In early days the education system works differently as compared to nowadays education system. Technology makes education easy, as per our convenience we can learn anything through E-education.

Here list out free open educational resources that make our work easy.

Wikipedia :

Wikipedia is a free online multi-language encyclopedia. It provides general reference work with content editing system. It is one of the most popular ranked websites with monthly 4.73B visitors.

Unit Converter

It is a complete solution for measurement calculations. Here in this, you can convert one measurement unit to another measuring unit. It supports convert all science and engineering measuring units.

YouTube :

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing website where they allow users to watch movies, videos for free. YouTube has become a highly influential media which is extremely popular among users worldwide. More than one billion people visit YouTube on a monthly basis. Nowadays YouTube becomes a great source of learning education.

Proofreading Tool:

It is the best free online proofreading tool. It overlooks all the grammar rule while proofreading your content. It identifies all the grammar and spelling errors and provides you hints to fix errors by using its huge database. It builds with AI and natural language processing technology to check grammar and spelling mistakes.

wikihow :

WikiHow is a resource of How-to guides with open source content creating. Here you will get a solution for each and every how-to questions with pictorial information. It founded by Jack Herrick in 2005. It is one of the most popular sites in the world with monthly 149.99M Visitors.

Grammar Check:

It is one of the most used tools around the world. Grammar is a big problem for nonnative speakers. The grammar checker is one of the best tools for students and content writers.

Time Zone Converter:

Time zone converter is a world time clock and we can find the time difference between any country, city.

Reverse Image Search:

Reverse image search is a reverse photo lookup tool. Reverse image search used to find fake news trending on social media and find a duplicate image on the internet. If you want to know the patent owner details by using image search.

Article Rewriter:

It is mostly used application by students. Here in this tool, we can recreate the original content as new content. Article rewriter works by replacing the words with its equivalent meaning word to make unique. It avoids plagiarism.

Word Counter:

It counts the number of characters, words, sentences, paragraphs in a text. We can find our writing standards by calculating the matrix like reading level, reading time, speaking level.

Spell Check:

The spell checker is an artificial intelligence empowered software application to checks spelling. It also offers you a suggestion to fix the spelling errors by using its large words database.

Case Converter:

It converts text case from uppercase to lowercase, lower case to uppercase, title case, inverse case, sentence case, capitalized case vice versa.



Here the list of online free educational websites. Comment below if you know any other tools.

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